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Job Advertisement: Health Tourism Sales Representative (Fluency in English Required)

Company: Dream Med / Location: Bahçelievler / ISTANBUL / Job Type: Full-Time

About the Company: Dream Med is a globally recognized health tourism company. We offer high-quality healthcare services by providing treatment options to patients from around the world. We are committed to customer satisfaction and work with a professional team.

Position Description: Dream Med is looking for a dynamic and motivated sales representative who is fluent in English. This position involves promoting and selling health tourism services to international patients. A successful candidate should have excellent customer relationship-building skills, be a quick learner, energetic, and entrepreneurial.

Responsibilities: Promote and sell our health tourism services to international clients.

  • Understand customer requests and provide customized solutions to meet their needs.
  • Maintain customer relationships and ensure customer satisfaction.
  • Identify potential customer segments by conducting market analysis.
  • Develop effective sales strategies to meet sales targets.

Qualifications: Proficiency in the English language with excellent communication skills.

  • Sales experience is a plus, but recent graduates are also encouraged to apply.
  • Strong persuasion skills, initiative, and goal-oriented.
  • Team player.
  • Knowledge of health tourism or the healthcare sector is a plus.


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